I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued on-going support to the MDU patients and families. Your gesture truly goes an extremely long way and helps make MDU clinic appointments a little more positive.

Manon Rollin
Child Life Specialist

Dear TLP Foundation,

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for the Nutcracker tickets. It was a wonderful outing for our family.

Sofia recently completed treatments for a rare brain tumour. As with most brain tumour survivors, once the cancer is dealt with it is not the end of the treatment for these kids. Sofia has multiple hard to manage endocrine issues as the result of the tumour proximity to her hypothalamus that will require lifelong medications. After a very long stay in ICU at the end of the summer, Sofia is doing much better! Currently, she still visits CHEO at least three times a week.

We appreciate all that you do for our family, and other oncology children and their families. The Treasure Chest in the medical day unit at CHEO is the highlight of Sofia’s day. She often remarks that it is the only good thing about going to CHEO.

Thank you for your support!

Stefan, Alison, Jordana, and Sofia

Thank you, the TLP Foundation for your thoughtful season's greetings and for the Nutcracker tickets. It was enjoyable. I had fun! It was one of the rare opportunities to go out in public due to my treatment and it provided a safe and enjoyable environment. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone at your end.

Thank you!!

Mariam abdel-akher and family


Un immense merci pour les billets pour Casse-Noisette. Ce fut une très belle activité. Notre fille qui aura bientôt 3 ans a été diagnostiquée en août dernier d'une leucémie. Elle a commencé ce mardi une grosse phase intense dans son traitement qui va durer 56 jours et dimanche passé ça l'a permis de relaxer et d'en profiter avant les prochaines journées intenses. En plus, j'ai arrêté de travailler pour être avec elle alors ça la permis de faire une sortie qu'on ne saurait pas permis dans ces moments difficiles financièrement.

Bonne journée et merci encore!

Julie, maman de Mélodie et William (1 an)

It was nice to see you and formally meet face to face at the Go Diego Go performance. Our entire family enjoyed the evening, especially Sarah and J.J. I would like to formally thank you for the tickets and the extra cash for snacks and parking – that helps out a lot. Again, we thank you for all your efforts with the TLP Foundation and their help with families associated with CHEO. Please pass on this thank you to them as well.

Kind Regards,

Clark, Darlene, Hannah, Sarah, and J.J.


Nous tenons à vous remercier pour les billets, ça tombait à un bon moment. Jeudi dernier nous étions au MDU de CHEO pour une journée de traitement. Ce fut une longue journée épuisante pour ma fille.

Tout juste avant notre Départ Robert Pigeon nous a offert des billets, le sourire lui est revenu aux lèvres en une seconde et nous avons pris la route pour la maison avec le cœur un peu plus léger. Nous avons beaucoup aimé le ballet.

Merci à Ti-Loup et La Poule,

Julie Tétu, mère de Laura Leclair

Hi Mike and Melissa,

We want to let you know how much fun we had on our outing on the Wakefield Steam Train. As you know all too well, these sorts of outings are a much needed break from the daily stress we all have. To have the opportunity to share some time with other families outside of the hospital setting was fantastic and to see so many kids having fun without an IV pole to drag along.

I must thank you both and anyone else involved for the time, energy and heart you put into this event and others. Our day on the Steam Train was one of the best we can remember in the last 15 months (since our daughter’s diagnosis) so once again, thank you so much for the opportunity to have a great and memorable day.

All the best to you.

Gillian (Peters), Jeff, Gwynn, and Isla Macintosh

We wanted to thank you very much for the enjoyable afternoon our family spent at the NAC watching the Nutcracker. The performance was wonderful and we all loved it!

Thank you very much for providing us the opportunity.

The Adamson Family

Dear friends,

Words are sometimes not enough to convey how much your gift meant to us. Thanks so much.

Esteve Mirella and family

Dear Ti-Loup and la Poule Foundation,

Thank you for making me smile and laugh!

We had lots of fun at Disney on Ice and the game you brought me in the hospital is “cool” and “neat” and played lots. Even though I cry during my “picky” tests at the hospital, as soon as I’m done I am giggling trying to pick out a treat from the Treasure Chest. It makes a big difference!

Thank you for everything. It means a lot to us.

Love Jenny Madden and family (Stephanie, Paul, and Marlene)


That is the only word I can think of to describe the things you are providing for these children. You are not only effecting and changing lives of these kids but the people around them. My father was diagnosed with cancer my senior year of high school in 2004, and it has been a struggle. It started in his lungs and since then it has travelled to his brain, stomach, chest and bones. The BIGGEST thing that keeps my family going is inspiration. WE have so much support from fellow cancer patients, survivors, friends and random acts of kindness and I know without this we would not be where we are today! And it is organizations like you guys that help make all of this possible. Thank you for what you do and what you will continue to do from here on out. You are an inspiration to so many people who you will never meet.

Thank you so much for all that you do!

Jessica Bean

Bonjour à vous

Je me nomme Sabrina Roy-Ings, j’ai été diagnostique Lymphome Hodgskin grade 4 B le mois de juin 2012. J’ai reçu la chimio à CHEO jusqu'au 22 août 2012 et présentement je suis en radiothérapie à tous les jours jusqu'au 30 novembre 2012.

J’aimerai vous remercier des billets pour CASSE-NOISETTE qui sera le 9 décembre 2012. Nous sommes ravis de pouvoir vivre cette journée magique en famille. Un merveilleux cadeau.

Le COFFRE AUX TRÉSORS DU CHEO est merveilleux pour tous les petits malades car grâce à vous ce petit geste, l’enfant oublie l’espace de quelque heure sa souffrance, sa peine et lui redonne son petit sourire

Merci merci et encore MERCI du fond du cœur.

Nathalie maman de Sabrina et famille Ings

Hi Mike and Melissa,

Just want to thank you for all you do with the TLP Foundation. We once again had an amazing day on the Wakefield Steam Train. I know it will be our last with TLP as (thankfully) Isla is due to finish treatment in August and we will make room for the families following behind us, unfortunately there will always be new families.

Isla has had at least 200 “pokes” and has found a treasure in the Treasure Chest for every one of them, thank you for keeping it full.

So thanks again, it really does make a difference. All the best to you and your family.

Gillian Peters Macintosh

We want to thank you so much for your gift card for Walmart for our daughter Kim. We were able to buy something for Kim that she really wanted and she was able to enjoy it before she passed away. Thank you so much for having such a thoughtful and caring organization. We know Kim was very grateful too.

Linda and Rick Oswick